Tuesday 23 October 2018
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3 ideas for a live-action Teen Titans movie

3 ideas for a live-action Teen Titans movie

DC comics has created several of the most influential characters in not just comic books history. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are examples of just how a few superheroes have changed mainstream media. The same, however, does not go for the Teen Titans. Teen Titans have only been explored by comic book geeks or any children who grew up watching the beloved cartoon series in the 2000’s. For casual superhero fans, birthday gift ideas such as posters and action figures, revolve around only heroes who grace the big screen

Although one of the most popular team-ups in all of comics, the Teen Titans have yet to be seen in a live-action movie for the silver screen. Having enjoyed both animated movies and cartoon serials, we believe a Teen Titans movie is long overdue. Here are 3 ideas for a live-action Teen Titans movie:

  • Teen Titans: Year One

  Teen Titans have been a part of comics since the 1960’s, so an origin film based on the comics released on those foundation years would make sense right? Well, probably not. The silver age of comics was a long time ago and the cultural and social differences between today’s world and that time present a huge problem in adaptation.

The 2008 released Teen Titans: Year One is culturally appropriate and a just an overall fantastic read. Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad team up in this limited series which brings them together and establishes them as a team. One problem, especially for fans of the Teen Titans show, will be that except for Robin, none of these characters were original members. This is where Warner Brothers, who own the right to DC characters on live-action cinema, can manipulate the comic and for once, make it even better. Characters such as Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg will add significant value to the movie, as all kids growing up watching the Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network will definitely turn up at the Box Office for nostalgic reasons.  Teen Titans: Year One, with a few character additions, can be a phenomenal start to a Teen Titans movie series in the DC movie universe.

  • JLA/Titans: Technis Imperative

The Justice League movie comes out in November 2017 and has already shook Hollywood to its core. What better way to introduce a lesser known team than with a famous one? Even if DC makes a live-action Teen Titans movie, it will be long after all of its current heroes get their own solo films and detailed character development. Use the pre-established popular characters by teaming them up with a fresh, lesser known characters. This was done in the comics in the series JLA/Titans: Technis Imperative.

Most Teen Titans characters such as Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash are sidekicks (Don’t you dare call them that!) Introduce other Titans with a relationship with Justice League characters such as Super Boy, Miss Martian and Aqualad and you will have dynamic storytelling. Don’t you worry about characters being crammed in a single movie, this is still a Teen Titans movie and the focus remains on them for the most part. In Technis Imperative, the League faces a mighty alien foe which they cannot take down by themselves, their requirement of aid from the Teen Titans gives some well-deserved credibility to our favorite teen crime fighting team!

  • Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic stories told in comic history, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is an obvious choice by any fan to be turned into a live-action movie. When fellow member and friend of the Titans, Terra, betrays them and joins Deathstroke, their nemesis, the titans face a serious loss of innocence. They change forever and the young and always cheery Titans face a new side of the world.

Whilst this movie will be a definite success and will bring in thousands of loyal comic fans to theatres, it does not run well as an introduction of Teen Titans to the world. Judas Contract will be much more suited as a sequel.

Don’t get your hopes high after reading these ideas as DC has not yet announced any plans for a live-action Teen Titans movie but their interest is definitely present as shown by the new Teen Titans GO cartoon and the Teen Titans: Judas Contract animated movie. For now, let’s immerse ourselves in the comics and animated content of the Teen Titans as well as all the goods and merchandise available for online shopping in Pakistan and around the world. Teen Titans, we hope to see you soon!

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