Tuesday 17 July 2018
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How To Select Your Cannabis Genetic Strains?

How To Select Your Cannabis Genetic Strains?

 When you decide to cultivate cannabis at home for your personal use, one of the difficult challenges that you would come across is selecting the right genetic strains. How do you go about picking the best cannabis strains? Initially you will be greeted with confusion because there are so many genetic strains out there such as Kush Strains, Haze Strains and so on.

Each genetic strain has its own speciality and cultivation challenges. Some genetic strains are more difficult to cultivate than the others. You will need to adapt a different cultivation strategy for each. For example, you cannot go by the same cultivation process as Haze strains for Kush Strains. You will therefore need to know what you are choosing. Do not blindly pick your genetic strain.

The first factor to be taken into account is whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cannabis cultivation expert. If you are a beginner, it is best to go with beginner strains instead of complicating things for yourself. Stay away from advanced genetic strains at this stage. If you want to train exotic genetic strains you will need to wait until you acquire adequate experience. You are very likely to be disappointed with the outcome if you rush to try advanced genetic strains even before you acquired the required experience.

You might also want to take into account your cultivation type, whether you want to go with indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation. Some genetic strains do well with indoor cultivation and whereas some other strains do well with outdoor cultivation. So if you have decided how to go about your cultivation process, you might want to choose your cannabis genetic strains based on your cultivation approach.

Further to that, you should also take into account your geographic location. Not all genetic strains would do well in all the geographic territories. Even if you fancy growing certain types of genetic strains, you need to first pay attention to what will work for your location and choose your genetic strains accordingly.

There is of course the availability factor that needs to be taken in to account. For example, if you want to grow a rare genetic strain but you will be able to execute your plan only if you could find the seeds for the required genetic strain. So before you decide which genetic strain to cultivate, you should first find the best sources for ordering your cannabis seeds and sources that feature the largest selection of cannabis seeds so that you could try easily any genetic strain that you need.

When you take into account all the above factors, you would have drastically narrowed down your choices. Always try to make well informed choices and do not rush to pick your genetic strain without taking into account the above factors. Allow yourself time for the learning curve. If you are trying difficult genetic strains then you need to be patient and first understand the challenges involved with those genetic strains.

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