Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Rising trends of online shopping in India

Rising trends of online shopping in India

The e-commerce industry in India is growing at an extraordinarily swift pace. It is believed that e-shopping will soon become a very basic habit of Indian buyers. With the internet playing the crucial role of eradicating the past business limitations and opening new boundaries of the business world, where buyers can directly interact with the seller and get door-to-door service, it becomes obvious that online shopping in India will soon be becoming an ineluctable part of our daily life.

The growth in the use of internet acts as the main catalyst for the rise in online shopping in India. The various other factors that are contributing to the widespread of online shopping in our country are:

  • Fast internet services –

Introduction of 4G has taken the broadband services to a completely different level. But even before so, with the aid of better broadband services like 2G and 3G services, the common masses have long been getting faster and finer internet services.

  • Huge time saver –

Rather than having to go to the market, and wasting time walking and running from one shop to another in order to choose the perfect outfit, a person can simply relax in his/her own room and just select the desired products, from a vast range of available products, with a simple click.

  • Pocket-friendly rates and numerous discounts –

You can easily get many discounts like summer sale, end of season sale (EOSS), winter sale, Puja offer, etc., on each and every online shopping site. The slashed rate of the products due to the discounts plays a vital role in attracting more and more customers to e-commerce field.

  • A wide range of choices –

Any online shopper can easily get addicted to the sites with the countless product types and varieties to choose from. Many famous sites are providing millions and lakhs of product varieties, each being exceptionally good and awe-inspiring.

  • Cash On Delivery (COD) option –

For those who want to shop online but are reluctant to share their card details, Cash on Delivery or COD is the perfect alternative. Get the product in hand, and only then, pay the price for it.

  • Convenient delivery options –

If you wish to get some product earlier than the regular delivery date, then you can opt for the quick delivery option. Similarly, if you wish to send a particular product as a gift to any of your loved ones, then you can very easily gift wrap it by paying an extra minimal amount and send it to their address. Many other such convenient delivery options are certain to win the hearts of the customers.

  • Easy return policies –

One of the chief benefits of online shopping is that it’s not mandatory for you to keep the product if you don’t like it, after opening it. Almost every online shopping site is having customer friendly return policies where the e-commerce site people themselves will come and collect the product to be returned from your doorsteps. After proper checking of the product, the money is refunded back to your account.

  • Mobile apps –

Almost every E-site is now having their own mobile application via which the customer can easily access the e-commerce site products, anywhere and anytime.

All these above-mentioned reasons have caused a tremendous change in the whole online shopping scenario, and still, many more advantageous changes and progress are yet to happen.