Saturday 19 October 2019
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Be A Savvy Buyer While Choosing Major Home Appliances

Be A Savvy Buyer While Choosing Major Home Appliances

While buying major appliances, you need to consider many things including budget, lifestyle, increase in utility bills and more. Never buy major appliance randomly. For example, you enjoy watching Top Chef, which does not mean you too need a commercial, very pricey stainless-steel microwave.

Some people find the trendy bottom-mount freezer to be appealing but needs constant bending for digging butter-pecan. A guy purchased supersize washer because it was on sale but ignored the fact that he lived alone. It is wise to learn from other buyers’ mistakes.

There are several things to consider and buy any kind of electromenager [home appliance] smartly. Things to consider buying new major appliance for your home.


  • Measure a couple of times – Take the dimensions, which sounds simple. It does not mean just the footprints but even the amount of space needed, when in use.


For example, consider if the space is sufficient to open the doors of the new front load washing machine or refrigerator. You will also need to check whether the narrow doorway will allow you get appliance in the kitchen.

  • Energy efficiency – Star labeled appliances are more energy efficient but even right sized appliance needs consideration. Larger the appliance higher the consumption of energy and increase in monthly utility bills.

Consider long term advantage and choose star labeled appliances, whose upfront cost is more but over the years you save on utility bills.

  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses – Repairs or power consumption are two hidden costs, which a savvy consumer will always be prepared for, when they decide to buy major appliance.
  • Learn from bad experience – Buyers choose randomly, which can cause a possible bad experience. For example, a lady cannot take her eyes off the shining knobs and sexy grates of the range but when electronic ignition blows just prior Thanksgiving or icemaker suddenly springs a leak then the magical moment she deeply fell in love with the appliance on the showroom floor does not get recalled.

The lady can be a family or friend, so you can ask such trusted sources about their experience to lookout for potential red flags.

  • Consider your lifestyle – Major appliances are generally pricey, so pick one that suits your lifestyle. For example, a dishwasher including sensor wash feature helps to save energy and water can be considered by a person living alone. If you host a huge Thanksgiving for dearest ones each year then make sure the new range has sufficient headroom for accommodating a huge turkey!

Be a savvy buyer!