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Helpful tips for Shopping in France

Helpful tips for Shopping in France

You will find some good shopping places to look in France whether you’re searching for everyday groceries, the most recent styles or products for your house

Food marketplaces – Every village, regardless of how small, holds an every week market that is usually well based on local citizens. In bigger areas there might be also an industry every single day. Actually, many French people mainly in the rural areas will frequently by the majority of their weekly shopping in their local market departing the grocery stores for household products for example toilet comes and bottle water.

Other marketplaces – Along with the local food marketplaces most area regularly hold flowers marketplaces, antique marketplaces and book marketplaces. The same as the British ‘car boot’, the Vide Greniers or Marches aux Puces, will also be very popular and you may usually find many on every weekends.

Grocery stores – Hyper U, Champion, E Leclerc, Auchan, Carrefour, Geant Casino, Super U, Simply, Cora, Intermarche, Ecomarche, Monoprix, Leader Cost, Aldi and Lidl

Shops – Galeries Lafayette

Sports goods and clothing – Decathlon and Sport 2000

Computer equipment – Boulanger

Furniture, whitened goods – Darty, But, Conforama, Ikea, Atlas, Baskia and Fly

Clothing – Kiabi, la Halle aux Vetements,

DIY – Castorama, Leroy Merlin, Brico Depot, Monsieur Bricolage, Weldom, Point P and Lapeyre

Garden center – Gamm Vert, Botanic

Office supplies online – Retif, Metro, Top Office

Opening Hrs

Typically France has already established strict limits regarding when shops could enter and exit without any Sunday buying and selling permitted. However, within the last couple of years everything has began to alter and from 2009 shops happen to be permitted to spread out every sunday in a few tourist areas as well as in the metropolitan areas of Paris, Marseille and Lille. It’s still very difficult to acquire round-the-clock opening that is now becoming commonplace within the United kingdom.

General shopping hrs are Monday to Friday between 9 am to 12pm and open 2pm and shut at 7pm which enables for that traditional French 2 hour lunch time. Some exceptions to this you’ll find are

Boulangeries (Bakeries) usually open early around 7am and banks frequently open on the ‘life was imple’.

Grocery stores really don’t close for supper and a few of the bigger stores might be open until 8pm or perhaps 10pm. You will frequently look for a supermarket which opens on the Sunday morning.

Pharmacies (chemists) usually have a similar opening hrs as other stores, however, in bigger cities you may even look for a ‘pharmacie p garde’ which opens every sunday as well as in the nights. If you will find several pharmacies within an area they might absorb it turns to spread out like a ‘pharmacie p garde’, shown by a lit eco-friendly mix outdoors the store.

Having to pay

Most shops do accept debit and charge cards while using nick and pin security method, however, in additional rural areas only cash or cheque is going to be recognized.

Sales in France

The sales in France are controlled through the French government who set fixed occasions throughout the entire year when shops may hold sales. The wintertime sales normally start the very first week of The month of january and also the summer time sales throughout the final week of June and continue for five days. Shops in addition have a further bi weekly purchase period throughout that they holds at any time of the season.