Saturday 19 October 2019
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How to Improve Your Writing with Fountain Pens

How to Improve Your Writing with Fountain Pens

You must have received criticisms about your writing if it doesn’t look good on paper. As for the people who can write cursive, they always get the compliments. People often recommend using fountain pens when it comes to improving handwriting, but nobody talks about how you can do that exactly. Well, there are certain tips and tricks that you can use when you start writing with a fountain pen to improve your written communication style. In this article we’ll share some of these tips and tricks which can help you write beautifully.

1- Spend Some Time to Discover What Kind of Pens Work for You

Well techniques are not the only things you need to write like an artist. Equipment you use is just as much important as well. Thus, you have to find out what works for you the best. There are many types of fountain pens available. Some people can write artistically with one type of fountain pen while others are more compatible with another type of fountain pen. It’s not necessary the fountain pen that works for one person, works for you as well. Here are some choices that you can consider:

  • Try using extra fine or fine nib. This is really going to help you improve your handwriting if you prefer writing in small font and have a very precise style of writing.
  • If you write loosely or if you have a bigger font of handwriting, then you need to use medium or broad nibs.
  • Improving handwriting is actually very difficult for people who are left-handed. Thus, lefties need to pay a lot of attention to pen, ink, paper and how all of these things work together.

Finding the right kind of fountain pen that suits your writing style is going to take some time so you have to be patient about it. It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, you must enjoy the journey and experience of trying out such a vast variety of fountain pens out there.

2- Relax and Go Steady

People make a common mistake when they try to improve their handwriting. They try to grip a fountain pen with a more firm grip. That doesn’t help. It doesn’t give you a better control over your writing at all. The only thing that it causes is a strain on your hand.

  • When writing with a fountain pen, you must keep your wrist relaxed and calm and try to maintain the flow of your writing on the paper.
  • Never try putting pressure on the nib. Most of the fountain pen nibs are very delicate and are designed to bear no pressure at all.

3- Practice Slowly

Fountain pens are not meant to write fast. They require more diligence so slow your handwriting down a little and enjoy the flow of your writing. You can use flex nibs and dry inks if you want. They make you write slow and set your writing pace.

4- Take Inspiration from Others

The best way to go about improving your handwriting is to match the writing style you admire. You can check some handwriting styles on the internet and try to imitate the ones you like.

5- Practice as Much as You Can

Spend as much time as you can on your writing exercises. Try to practice daily and you’ll gain confidence over your handwriting pretty soon.

Every person has to start from somewhere when it comes to improving your handwriting. The people who have impressive writing since the day they start to write are really lucky. So keep working on your ideal style of writing and make your fountain pen your ally. You can browse through an excellent variety of fountain pens at Appelboom and buy one online today!