Friday 15 November 2019
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How You Can Benefit From E-cigs Over Standard Cigarettes

How You Can Benefit From E-cigs Over Standard Cigarettes

As a smoker, you understand the health risks and hazards associated with your favourite habit. While standard smoking has certainly nosedived as far as popularity is concerned, the new trend of e-cigs is growing stronger every day. While it may not be an ideal habit for you to pick up, it definitely comes with a long list of benefits over standard cigarettes. Don’t let your traditional smoking habit force you to be a social outcast while putting your overall health at extreme risk. Here are some of the different benefits that electronic cigarettes can offer their users today.

Freedom to Roam

While traditional cigarettes are extremely limited in where they can be used, there are absolutely no such restrictions on e-cigs. Because you aren’t exhaling harmful substances to those around you, this smoking method can be enjoyed anywhere from restaurants to hotels to public pools all without fear of harassment or angry stares. Why put yourself in the corner when you were born to be at the centre of the circle? Keep yourself as part of the crowd by investing in a quality e-cig today.

Not as Obvious

While many smokers don’t have an issue with their loved ones knowing about their habitual preferences, there are many smokers out there who for one reason or another prefer to keep their habits to themselves. Unfortunately, smoking can be a hard thing to cover up with its extreme aroma. Rather than taking the risk of the smell staying on your clothes or in your car, e-cigs won’t give off that classic cigarette odour that many people find so offensive. Keep your habit discreet without having to take so many extra precautions.


At the end of the day, standard cigarettes are extremely bad for the environment. Not only do they use up a drastic amount of paper and other materials but they also leave behind an unbelievable amount of waste, most of which is simply thrown to the side of the road and forgotten about. Not only does this create significantly more pollution but throwing the butts to the side of the road puts the local area at a much greater risk of fire. The most common cause of woods fires happen to be discarded cigarettes, leading to an unbelievable amount of damage and irreparable loss. By going out to buy e-cig instead of traditional cigarettes, you can be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Saves You in the Long Run

While you may be putting down a larger chunk of change for your electronic cigarette starter kit, it’s nothing if you compare it to what you spend on a daily basis over the course of a few months on packs of traditional cigarettes. That constant, continuous spending will cost you so much more in the long run that the comparison is almost impossible to make.

Don’t put yourself at risk and create a financial burden when there is an equally pleasurable alternative ready and waiting. Find a quality e-cig today and watch how quickly you’ll realise the benefits.