Friday 15 November 2019
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The perfect shoes to wear with jeans

The perfect shoes to wear with jeans

There’s nothing superior to a comfortable pair of jeans for a friends’ day out or to take your Mom shopping or almost any occasion for that matter. Various dark shades of denim take the centre-stage in every man’s wardrobe. So do classy shirts and casual t-shirts. All’s well that ends well, so why depend on those same old casual shoes to go with every pair of trousers that you own. Here are some tips on how to invest in shoes wisely to pair with those slim-fits and baggies.

  1. Sneakers:

The good old sneakers render just the right amount of casual look with every pair of jeans that you own. Make sure you are wearing socks matching your jeans, and you’re good to go. Tilt your head away from the training or sports sneakers to conventional lace-up Converse shoes with a low ankle. Pair this outfit with a casual shirt or T-shirt and leave all worries about your appearance indoors.

  1. Loafers:

Loafers come in two types: Leather and Canvas. Leather Loafers render a semi-formal, semi-casual look with jeans while Canvas loafers go with a casual outfit and occasion and can be often substituted for sneakers. While Canvas Loafers go with all shades and hues, don’t be as liberal with your Leather Loafers. Wear black jeanswith black loafers. Team your blue denims with brown loafers. You can also try Leather Moccasins for some versatility; they are known to handle dress-suits and jeans equally well.

  1. Boat Shoes:

Originally used when in boats, these shoes possess no such restriction any longer. These have water-resistant and waxed leather which makes these more durable than other slip-ons. Boat shoes offer a great casual look with jeans, and can also be worn with chinos or khakis.

  1. Desert Boots:

Although hiking boots should be kept away from a casual jeans and blazer outfit, desert boots are perfect for a day out in jeans in spring or autumn. These shoes are chukka boots with a plain leather finish and a white crepe rubber sole. These come with perfectly colour coordinated laces.

  1. Chelsea Boots:

This classy design dates back to the Victorian Age. These are devoid of laces; instead Chelsea boots have an elastic side enclosure. The sole is stained leather or rubber and the body has the same plain leather finish as the Desert Boots. These can be qualified as versatile shoes because they go with dress suits as well as with a casual sweater over jeans.

  1. Open Lacing shoes:

Derbies and Brogues are the two types of open lacing leather shoes. These shoes are plain, simple and versatile. Brogues have slightly more decoration than Derbies. Both variations look great with jeans as well as formal attires and are a must have for your shoe collection.

  1. Monkstraps:

If you can stand the buckle fastening, this is a perfect intermediate between loafers and open lacing shoes. Pair these with a tapered cut jeans, flaunt those buckles on the shoes and there, you have a perfect casual outfit.

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