Sunday 17 February 2019
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Wedding Flowers – The 7 Most Widely Used Forms For Bridal Bouquets

You might be well experienced around the different wedding dress silhouettes just like a-line, Empire, Ballgown or Mermaid, but are you aware that wedding flowers come arranged in various shapes too? You will find that exactly the same mixture of flowers look completely different with respect to the form of the bridal arrangement. Though shape is essential for the wedding centerpieces along with other flowers, the greatest place where shape comes with an impact on the wedding flowers is within your bridal bouquet.

If you select the form for the bridal bouquet, you will want to make certain it blends together with your wedding theme. For instance, a heart formed bouquet would clash having a modern and minimalist wedding in which a cascade formed bouquet would look quite lovely. You’ll should also bear in mind the amount of formality of the wedding if you select the form for the bouquet. Loose organic bouquets are best suited to garden and beach weddings while pageant bouquets are perfect for formal matters.

Your bridal bouquet also needs to flatter the feel of the wedding gown. With the proper shape, the wedding flowers will lend an attractive touch for your marriage ceremony and become your best bridal accessory. Large ballgown silhouettes will match ornate plans such as the cascade shape. Simpler gown silhouettes just like a classic A-line is more efficient with simpler bouquets inside a round or loose form.

Regardless of what the wedding theme is, you will find that there is a bouquet shape that’s just made for you. If you are acquainted with the 7 most widely used bridal bouquet shapes, when you choose the wedding florist, you’ll easily have the ability to speak with her about the kind of bouquet you would like.

Continue reading to uncover the 7 most widely used wedding flower shapes and discover which suits your bridal bouquet.


Round bouquets are typically the most popular wedding flower option for brides. Round bouquets are, as it would seem, bouquets with flowers arranged inside a round or globe shape. Although the round shape is an extremely traditional search for wedding flowers, modern brides appreciate its versatility. Easy and elegant, round bridal bouquets work for casual and formal weddings.


An impressive shape that includes flowers and greenery arched in the center after which tapered in the ends, the crescent shape is best suited to formal weddings. Due to the natural method in which the flowers appear to fall around both hands, the crescent shape is popular with so many women. Crescent bouquets could be produced having a symmetrical look or they may be produced asymmetrically by organizing flowers inside a graduated fashion for any more sophisticated look.


Pageant formed bouquets are characterised by lengthy stems arranged inside a sweeping fashion so the bouquet can fit nicely right into a bride’s arm. Named for a way that the beauty queen carries her bouquet, the pageant shape can be used as formal or informal weddings. For casual weddings, the pageant shape ought to be produced loosely to lend a natural and wispy turn to the bridal bouquet.


Also referred to as a waterfall, the cascade shape features great levels of flowers at the bottom of the bouquet that gradually taper along the size of the bouquet. The Cascade shape gives the look of flowers spilling within the fringe of the bridal bouquet. Sophisticated and stylish, bridal bouquets completed in the cascade shape can be used as formal or casual weddings.


Since the heart may be the indication of love, a heart formed bridal bouquet is good if you would like the wedding flowers to possess a romantic quality. Arranged inside a dense heart shape, heart bouquets give a flirty sweetness for your wedding flowers. If you are transporting a heart formed bouquet, you’ll simply want to select a couple of different flowers to incorporate therefore the form of your bridal bouquet is clearly recognizable.


Also referred to as organic or hands-tied, loose flower plans would be the epitome of casual elegance. Loose bridal bouquets are characterised through the stems of flowers and greenery loosely tied together by wire or ribbon. Bridal bouquets completed in a loose style appear unfussy and are ideal for beach weddings along with other more casual wedding events.

Now you know what’s available, you can begin considering which wedding flower shape fits your needs. Because of so many beautiful options, you will have not a problem to find a bridal bouquet which will compliment the wedding theme and wedding dress perfectly.

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